Sick Baby

I was starting to think Addie was strangely immune to real illness. She’s gotten sniffles a few times, but otherwise she’s got, as Jared’s stepmother would say, “the constitution of an ox.”

We have been very fortunate – I recognize this fully and appreciate it greatly.

Addie’s got some sort of stomach bug now though. Sigh. It is sad.

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Reaching for someone else.

I’ve been working from home about 20 hours a week. We have a girl, Carly, who takes care of Addie and cleans house while I work. Carly is great and Addie likes her a lot.

Today as Carly was leaving I was holding Addie and told her to say Bye Bye because we wouldn’t see Carly for a while. I’m taking the rest of December off. Addie totally reached for Carly. She wanted Carly to hold her! Part of me was so pleased that she likes her enough to want hugs and that she will miss her. I want her to feel something for the person that cares for her in my absence!

But then the jealous mommy in me was sad. Sigh.

But then we went and played at Children’s Museum and I felt better.

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Urban farm baby

I’m reviving my blogs. I deleted my games and social networking apps from my phone. So now when I’m lying down with Addie for a nap or bed time, I can do something productive like write a new blog post, rather than play stupid Hay Day.

So it’s been forever. Addie is friggin awesome. 17 months old now. Walking, climbing, kissing, waving.

The vocab as of today is:
Hi, bye bye, mama, dada, peeease (please), bubee (wants to nurse).

And she does a modified sign for ‘more’ to indicate that she wants something. She will point at a glass of water and then sign ‘more’, for example. Previous to this communication break through, there was a lot of whining and huffing and puffing. That has pretty much stopped altogether now that she has a more civilized way of expressing herself. It’s awesome.

She says bye bye and blows kisses. She asks to video chat with people by pointing at the computer and waving and saying hi.

She climbed a ladder at children’s museum the other day and sent herself down the slide. So awesome.

Basically, she is a toddler now.

I promise to keep up more often on her developments and fun stuff!


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Blog Migration

We are moving. I forgot to blog for a minute. (read: 7 months) So I just started a new one 🙂 Come follow me.

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Sept 18 – Brunch at Ned Ludd




We went out to our favorite spot again, this time with Wille and Rebecca. Little One was on fire. Smiling, being cute, getting passed around from friend to friend, soaking up copious amounts of attention and, most importantly, being quiet and content. I got to eat a hot meal uninterrupted!


I mean, she’s generally a happy, content little baby, but she has this incredible ability to become deathly hungry the second my food arrives at a restaurant or the second I finish cooking at home. No matter when she last ate.

We had a great time with friends, Jason showed up near the end of our meal and swooped up the baby for a little infant fix. I think all parents who no longer have little babies NEED an infant fix here and there. I get this now as I imagined her outgrowing her moby wrap today, then thought I’m going to need to have another baby at that point because not having a tiny baby just seems weird now.

…anyway. Yay brunch. Afterwards we went to Barista in the pearl then home. It was a nice little Sunday, babe was the best. Now she’s sleeping like am exhausted little champ.

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Nasal Aspirator Dream. Wtf.

Last night I dreamed that Addie had a HUGE snot coming out of her nose, like the size of both of my thumbs. And instead of just pulling/wiping it out with a tissue, I was trying to suck it up with the aspirator. Ha. And I woke up laughing.

This must be part of the weird thing that happens to a woman’s mind when she becomes a mother…?

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Sept 14 – Ryan and Laila visit



How could I forget to post! Duh.

For those that don’t know Laila, she is baby crazy in the sweetest way. It was nice to see her holding Ads. She’s obviously a natural.

I think Ryan surprised everyone with how calm and sweet and natural he was holding such a tiny baby. Not that I thought he would freak out and drop her or anything, he just kind of seemed to enjoy himself and Addie seemed to like him! Go Ryan!

We made a collective effort dinner and drank some wine. I guess my extra blood from pregnancy is gone now… I’m back to being a ridiculous light weight. I drank about 1/4 of a glass of wine (yeah, a few sips) and I was feeling like I should be using one of those breast milk alcohol level testers. Gross.

It was a great night. Thanks you two for coming out. ❤

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Sept 17 – PSU Farmers Market


Ads was a champ at the market yesterday. She’s just such a rad baby. We were there for over an hour and she was totally happy the whole time. Smiling, looking at the trees.

She does a lot of full on smiling now. I looooove it.

Later when we got home, it was bath time and Jared hung out and managed to get peed on. Something that hasn’t happened to me since the moment Addie was born. Meaning that as I picked her up for the first time ever, she peed on me (and it was magical somehow).

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Head Control

Little gets bored. She will start fussing and we do the diaper>food>tired run through. When it’s decided that it’s none if those things, I’m pretty sure she’s just bored. I’m starting to figure out what she likes to do. I don’t want to be the mom that puts her under a mobile to be mesmerized all day, so we do interactive stuff. We chit chat, peekaboo, make faces, stick our tongues out at each other, I parade toys around in front of her. But, something that I think is neat is that one of her favorite things to do is exercise, or practice her physical development. Sometimes she will even fuss until we’re working on just the right thing.

The preferred practice lately is assisted sitting, where I sit her in my lap and support her balance by barely holding around her ribs. Another is sit ups, where I have her reclining on my thighs and take her hands and pull her toward me for a kiss and she keeps her head up and back engaged (as opposed to slumped like a newer, squishier baby).

We do tummy time on my chest. She can do a baby push-up with the assistance of my chest. It’s like a helpful little ramp for her. On the flat ground she still struggles and doesn’t have the strength to do much and gets frustrated. So we practice on my chest where she has more success and can hold her head up pretty high and get a nice arch going in her back.

It’s so fun to see her developing and getting stronger and more coordinated. Just in the past few days she’s really sprung forward in head control and over all strength. And I love her drive to practice these things. It’s just so very rad of her. I’m sure that’s normal of all babies, but I’ve never been around other babies until now, so every new thing is a sweet surprise. ❤

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Nipple? Meh.

You know how if you let your baby fall asleep on your nipple, (a question clearly directed at mothers) they eventually are 80% asleep doing that reflexy, gentle gnaw, mouth chatter thing? And its adorable. And it goes on for a while until you pry them off and coax them into a 110% deep sleep.

Addie, in the last week, has taken to drinking it down until she’s properly content, whipping herself off my nipple, doing a funny little stretch, and going to sleep on her own (thanks very much, I’ll just do it myself now).


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